Beam Up rerubs / dubs…..Sizzla, Patric Catani, Echo Pilot

A few Beam Up dubs & rerubs have just bounced into the public arena!

First up there’s a fuzzed out dubbing of Sizzla/Mista Savona’s single “I’m Living” on Sanfran’s Muti Music. Rodigan’s been giving the Beam Up dub a few spins on his BBC Radio 1Xtra show and the whole thing weighs in at 17 tracks. No slacking off here!


Berlin’s Patric Catani (man of countless pseudonyms) is always worth a long listen. The most recent work from him on the Keep It Business label is “Blingsanity” remixes. There are a few crackers here as far a Beam Up’s concerned (check Piper Street Sound, Aglory, Coco Lowres). Dinnae forget The Beam up remix too!


Echo Pilot from Canada’s vibrant West Coast has just released his 3rd album “Dub System” for which Beam Up did a traditional style dub of “Stepping Stones”.


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