Beam Up live @Wax Treatment on Killasan

Spring’s finally in the air and very soon the first Wax Treatment of the year will be on!

Wax Treatment is a bass event which ran in Berlin’s Horst club for a few years. After the club closed down Wax Treatment happens a few times a year outdoors. The soundsystem is worth mentioning as it’s Japanese and the specs/parts come from Miami. There’s a long story about how K-Boss’ sound came from it’s birthplace in Osaka to Berlin’s Hard wax family. You can read more about that in these 2 interviews on Killasan X Hard WaxWax Treatment / Cargocollective.

It’s a real nice outdoor event a few kilometers from Berlin’s Schönefeld airport south of the city. This year Beam Up joins the BASSMÆSSAGE crew and the Hard Wax crew for 2 days of bass in the warm late-May  weather!

Set the date aside – May 23 & 24th 2015!

Here are some pics in the meantime…..





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