Gift – Dry & Heavy’s Jamrock in Dub

Recently, Japan’s finest dub reggae band Dry & Heavy held a remix/dub competition for their version of the Welcome To Jamrock riddim (Damian Marley). Beam Up was interested so got busy in the studio with dubbing and added some horns to the mix.

The dub achieved runner up status in the comp with the jury comments being :

「最後まで飽きさせない ハードコアDUB MIX」-GOTH-TRAD- ■「NOISY DUB MIX !!」-小林”CHE QUE”宏信(DRY&HEAVYレコーディング・エンジニア)

“Very interesting all the way to the end hardcore DUB MIX” -GOTH-TRAD- ■ “NOISY DUB MIX !!” – Kobayashi “CHE QUE” Hironobu (DRY & HEAVY recording engineer)

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